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Future Prophecy - Special Edition

Future Prophecy - Special Edition
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Future Prophecy - Special Edition


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03 Future Prophecy - Special Edition
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There are many stars in the night sky over the south of Israel but few shine as brightly as Future Prophecy. For the better part of the past 11 years Future Prophecy haven't seized to amaze and innovate their interpretation of what Trance should sound like.

The man behind what used to be a duo (along with his brother) and for the past 5 years has been a one man show is Hagay Elazar, a second degree software engineer hailing from the city of Beer Sheva, Israel's capitol of the south.

"Future Prophecy" is one of Israel's longest standing Trance outfits, being there from the very early days of the Israeli underground trance scene holding 5 studio albums under their belt between 1997 and 2005.

In 2006 Future Prophecy released his 6th studio album titled "Body Shaker" with a blast and conquered the dance floors received great reviews and had wide success with listeners all over the world leaving left fans wanting more.

So now the waiting is over because the next big thing from Future Prophecy is here, in the form of his new album Special Edition which will be released on his Home label PHONOKOL early 2009.

The name says it all. Special Edition contains a whole new level of production which somehow manages to exceed all previous Albums from Future Prophecy an accomplishment that could only be performed by Future Prophecy himself.

We can expect to see Future Prophecy exceed his prior achievements in 2009 and continue his year to year advances in production and musical directions, always pushing the envelope and pushing his fans

Future Prophecy - Special Edition: Front