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Fuzzion & Extrawelt - Frog On The Run EP

Fuzzion & Extrawelt - Frog On The Run EP
LabelBoshke Beats Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Fuzzion & Extrawelt - I C U
02 Fuzzion & Extrawelt - Frog On The Run
03 Fuzzion & Extrawelt - Frog On The Run (Extrawelt Remix)

Fuzzion Vladimir Kozlov known as Fuzzion - Is a leading electronic music producer from Moscow (Russia). This single is taster of Fuzizion's recently released debut album "Black Magic".

Fuzzion's sound today is beyond any categories and styles, his unique artistic approach and natural music talent is the key to his magic crafts showed in the wide spectrum range of his creativity. "Black Magic" -is an ultimate electronic vanguard dance album that breaks all the boundaries and smashes all the styles definitions far, far away. This single is made to serve the global DJs with its diversity and eclectic blend of minimal techno, electro and neo-trance with which Fuzzion is making a huge step forward to the answer for the all time question: What the Future Music will sound like?

Extrawelt The B side of the single is packed with a dancelfoor deep, phat and rolling Extrawelt remix, the German duo also known as MidiMiliz that had a huge success in 2005 with their "Soopertrack/Zu Fuss" single on James Holden's, Border Community label and been supported by such DJs as Sasha,John Digweed, Timo Maas, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Agoria, Toni Rios, John Tejada and many others. Along this Remix for Fuzzion, Extrawelt's future singles and remixes already scheduled on labels such: Cocoon, Traum, Great Stuff, P.I.A.S. and Kompass Music.

Fuzzion & Extrawelt - Frog On The Run EP: Side A