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Gappeq - Speaker Seeker

Gappeq - Speaker Seeker
LabelWirikuta Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Gappeq - Speaker Seeker
02 Gappeq - Vox Machina Magica
03 Gappeq - The Torque
04 Gappeq - Xenian Waltz
05 Gappeq - Grotesque
06 Gappeq - Something About Manta Rays
07 Gappeq - Mobius Strip
08 Gappeq - Mare Vaporum
09 Gappeq - Rumpus Oath

Gappeq, from Czech Republic. at the age of 17 started to explore the realm of making electronic music - DnB, Breakbreat, Trance, Ambient, and Dub, from which he started to learn how to play the keyboard. By 1999 he had joined the band SM Lomoz as a keyboardist, and finally went onto starting to write psytrance by 2001. In 2002 he released his first promotional album Vox Antipopuli', which was then followed up the same year producing on the Australian Psychedelic Trance label Sundance Records on their compilation 'Sundaze'.

In 2004 another release on Ketuh Records that was welcomed with high acclaim, and received many shining reviews, a result of his unique musical stylings combined with his top production techniques. From this point he went onto making sounds and music for TV advertisements, independent movies, and websites. In 2005 he left the Czech Republic and his band as he moved to Sydney to study Audio Engineering in Sydney, which he completed in 2006.

In this time and right through till 2006 he continued releasing tracks on Ketuh Records as on Oxygen Records, and his sound developed a progressively harder and darker edge. This year he has already released a track on the latest vertigo Records compilation 'Meaning of Life', has another track due out soon on Illuminati Records.

His album is strongly inspired by mythological characters, fantasy stories and religious themes and has very tribal atmospheres woven with twisted sounds, dark atmospheric textures and imaginative melodies. His musical background allows him to use more complicated musical forms and unusual tempo signatures. Loose yourself in a theatrical world of beauty, mystery, nightmares & power. This album takes us along on a trip to the twilight zone in-between darkness and dawn, to forgotten cities and distant, barely remembered lands, where ancient rituals meet pounding metallic poly-rhythms emanating from the underground.

Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: Front
Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: Back
Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: Back 2
Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: Inside
Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: Inside 2
Gappeq - Speaker Seeker: CD