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Gataka - Bless The Mess

Gataka - Bless The Mess
Typealbum, CD

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Gataka - Gataka - Bless The Mess


01 Gataka - Dreaming Mode
02 Gataka - From Zero To Hero
03 Gataka - King Of The Hill
04 Gataka - Triping Out
05 Gataka - Higher Level
06 Gataka - Reaction In Action
07 Gataka - Time To Change
08 Gataka - Fun In The Sun
09 Gataka - Bring This Beat Back
10 Gataka - In My Mind

Phonokol proudly presents "Blass the mass" the new album of Matan Kadosh-Gataka
Matan (a.k.a - Sesto Sento) become one of the leading and most wanted artists of Israel roster hit again with the new album.

He already release 3 albums as Gataka (Drop the mask 2003, Home made Madness 2004, In trance we trust 2005) and 4 albums as part of the "Sesto Sento" team , (The Inner Light 2002, The Bright Side 2003, The Remixer 2005, Come Together 2006), among those he had also compiled several compilations .

During the years he had collaborated, remixed and remixed by with various artists like GMS, Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, CPU, Silicon Sound, Protoculture and many more...

After he conquers every possible place on earth with his fresh and unique style, he produce his 9 dance floor hits for this full on album combine new\old influence.

In this project you can find some much promised collaboration with "Aquatica"(tracks no' 5 & 6 - reaction in action & Higher level) and "Dali"(track no' 7 Time to change).
You can also find "Bring that beat back" as a freestyle disorder which reflect more of Matan musical skills.

Every track can be played on every D.J. set and break every possible dance floor.

Gataka project known as a "Hit machine" and this album is the prove for it

Gataka - From Zero to Hero

Better to be someone for a day than no one for a lifetime.

From the movie 'The Business' (2005)

Gataka - Triping Out

The less you freak, the less you'll trip out.

From the movie 'The Jacket'

Gataka - Bless The Mess: Front