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Gaudium - So Called Life

Gaudium - So Called Life
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Gaudium - So Called Life


01 Gaudium - Surprise, So Nice
02 Gaudium - So Called Life
03 Gaudium - 4 Outputs
04 Gaudium - Beer, Drugs And Hookers
05 Gaudium - Calm Reality
06 Gaudium vs Dualsnug - Killer
07 Gaudium - Kick Bas
08 Gaudium - One
09 Gaudium - Sit Back, Relax
10 Gaudium - Hyper Space

Iboga Records Presents the new album by Gaudium
"So called life".

After a great success with the Swedish duo's first
album "Nordic Nature", which was released on Spiral
Trax, the boys are ready to deliver the next batch of
pure Scandinavian progressive trance music.
Their sound is rich and emotional with a certain depth,
containing high quality sound production, placing them
firmly at the top of their genre. It works magic on the
dance floors, already proven by the Iboga DJs and in
their own live sets around the globe.
Underlining the quality at hand, we also find their hit "4
outputs" on the disc, Previously featured on "Set: 7"
from Iboga, and a track that already made a good &
solid impact globally.

Another winner CD from Gaudium & Iboga Records!

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