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Geko - Poison Flowers

Geko - Poison Flowers
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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GEKO - Poison Flowers


01 Geko - To The Face
02 Geko - Heads Up
03 Geko - Like This
04 Geko - Fucking Bitch
05 Geko - Iron Fist
06 Geko - Squeeze It
07 Geko - Suck My Ectoplasmic
08 Geko - World On Fire (Battlegoats)
09 Geko - Poison Flowers

Digital Psionics presents Geko Poison Flowers.

The song of Geko can be heard pounding through nature and bouncing off the walls in techno domes world wide since we built the Psionic Temple. The foundations rocked, the electronic lizard king did not stop replicating. You could hear the slick thick basslines grow wider and we were forced by numerous screams from the crowd to release the next smash hit called Dreaming within Psionic Substance.

The wide eyed reptile trance could not be stopped, the world waited patiently while Geko studied sound design and additive manipulations, curing his self made digital compounds into a polished plastic sound. This music stings, its sharp n' edgy, bubbling like sulphur, crackling and hissing as it dissolves yesterday's music.

Shape shifting reptilian aliens wake up,
Come and listen to the music that can unite our two species.
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Geko - Poison Flowers: Front