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Genetic - We Are

Genetic - We Are
LabelDragonfly Records
Typealbum, CD

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Genetic - We Are...Genetic


01 Genetic - Floor
02 Genetic - Gala
03 Genetic - Uptown Downtown
04 Genetic - Trancemission
05 Genetic - Change
06 Genetic - Drop the Bomb
07 Genetic - Fat Boy
08 Genetic - 42nd st Hustle
09 Genetic - Lexus
10 Genetic - Analogico

Genetic - Gala

'Staring at the face of an angel, and the soul of a devil'

Genetic - Trancemission

He was holding back, he wasn't being cooperative, he wasn't giving me the information I needed. Evasive, and finally I felt like he was playing games.

There is so much evidence in this situation. Setting aside, any ... witness, .. facilities ... the evidence as to how a systems operates ... is illegal, it is currently evil ...

Genetic - We Are: Front