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Ghosts Of Mars - Something Dancing In The Darkness

Ghosts Of Mars - Something Dancing In The Darkness
LabelRicochet Dream
Typealbum, CD

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Mark Jenkins - Ghosts of Mars: Something Dancing In the Darkness


01 Ghosts Of Mars - Moonbeams
02 Ghosts Of Mars - Something Dancing In The Darkness
03 Ghosts Of Mars - Alien Nation
04 Ghosts Of Mars - Phobos And Deimos Dancing
05 Ghosts Of Mars - Mykonos
06 Ghosts Of Mars - Ghosts Of Mars
07 Ghosts Of Mars - Reunited
08 Ghosts Of Mars - Glitterball
09 Ghosts Of Mars - Cyborg Shuffle
10 Ghosts Of Mars - Swirley Song
11 Ghosts Of Mars - I'm Haunted
12 Ghosts Of Mars - Trance Dance

'Something Dancing in the Darkness' is the debut Cd for Ghost of Mars, the new ambient dance project of London-based synthesist Mark Jenkins.

Mark has been recording, performing and writing about electronic music for over 20 years, in a career spanning space music performances at the Philadelphia Planetarium and the Theatre National of Brazil, rock music shows at venues including the Royal Festival Hall with members of the seminal European bands Can and Gong, work with members of ELP, Van Der Graaf Generator and Tangerine Dream, and avant-garde music productions for books, TV and theatre.

'Something Dancing In The Darkness' is his first ambient dance production, taking its influences from Steve Hillage's System 7 and from The Orb. On the album Mark is joined by singer Alquima (tracks: 1, 7, 11), who has performed around the world including shows with The Michael Nyman Band and with Hans-Joachim Roedelius.

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