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Goasia - From Other Spaces

Goasia - From Other Spaces
LabelSuntrip Records
Typealbum, CD

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Goasia - From Other Spaces


01 Goasia - Intro
02 Goasia - Love & Peace
03 Goasia - Space Travellers
04 Goasia - From Other Spaces
05 Goasia - Octagon
06 Goasia - Liquid Soul
07 Goasia - Taboo
08 Goasia - Per Aspera Ad Astra
09 Goasia - Sunrise
10 Goasia - Pray For Rain

The Goasia project (Balint Tihamer & Vladislav Radulovic) is known as one of the new stars creating melodic Goa trance. The style can be described as Goa trance with up to date production but with the complexity, melodies and spirituality of old-style Goa music. Music for DJ's that want to give the dancefloor a big smile! Most of the tracks are real tsunami's for the dancers, although Sunrise can be described as an epic Platipus-like trance anthem and Pray for Rain is an ambient beauty.In the past Goasia released a split-album with Omegahertz on Unicorn and numerous ambient and Goa trance singles on various labels as Cosmicleaf (from which we licensed Pray For Rain), Kagdila, USTA and of course Suntrip Records, where he was featured on the classic "Apsara" compilation. That sound seems to be very popular all over the world as Goasia just returned from a tour in Japan and has gigs soon in Belgium and other places around Europe!

Goasia - From Other Spaces: Front
Goasia - From Other Spaces: Back
Goasia - From Other Spaces: Back 2
Goasia - From Other Spaces: Inside
Goasia - From Other Spaces: Inside 2
Goasia - From Other Spaces: CD