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Goe - Psychedelic Perspectives

Goe - Psychedelic Perspectives
LabelPsychedelic System Records
Typealbum, CD

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GOE - Psychedelic Perspectives


01 Goe - Dance
02 Goe - Like Me
03 Goe - Presence
04 Goe - Like God
05 Goe - Transcendence
06 Goe - Long Night
07 Goe - We've Got ...
08 Goe - Mindtwister

Fresh Breeze? - Swiss Breeze!

With this catching advertising slogan straight from Switzerland, blows a strong and fresh breeze into the 'Full-On'-scene.

Behind the rather calm looking cover in neon green, hide 8 solidly produced, ever changing and pulsating tracks ranging from 144 to 146 bpm. With vibrating and modern beats, smooth vocals and unmistakable melodies, GOE, alias Lukas Keller, landed an exciting and hit-suspicious debut album - Just the right thing to warm your heart for the upcoming winter season - a must for every 'Full-On'-sound lover.

Goe - Psychedelic Perspectives: Front