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Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine EP

Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine EP
LabelTribal Vision Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine (Dub Remix)
02 Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine (Vocal Remix)
03 Greed vs Sonic Cube - Wilde
04 Greed vs Sonic Cube - Trancepopper (Electropopper Remix)

After some time pursuing their individual projects, Greed and the Sonic Cube boys are re-united on this 12inch release on Tribal Vision Records.

When the first Sonic Cube album was released back in 2003, Tobi Wirz (Greed) was a member of the project, but he later left the two other members of Sonic Cube (Sonnenvakuum) on their own, to pursue his solo-career and handle his own successful label SOG Records.

The release starts out with the Dub Mix of 'Divine'. Take some very tasty Beckers-like grooves and electro-influences, mix in some catchy male vocals in the background and you have a delicious, crowd-pleasing progressive house track with trendy appeal for DJ's as well as people on the dancefloor.

Next up is the Vocal Mix of 'Divine', and the differences between the two versions are very very subtle, with the base of the tracks being completely the same. The Vocal-mix features a 3-second longer intro, and the vocals are in the foreground, but all in all the two tracks are basically much the same.

The B-side goes in a much deeper direction with 'Wilde'. Where 'Divine' followed in the footsteps of the trendy electro-sound, 'Wilde' is more of a combination of the sound from the last Sonic Cube and Greed albums, resulting in a subtle, introspective tune with crossover elements from tech house, progressive house and progressive trance.

Last but not least is the 2nd track on the B-side: Greed and Sonic Cubes remix of 'Trancepopper' from Pots' last album, also featured on the recently released 'Social Success Remixes' remix-compilation.

Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine EP: Front