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Haldolium - QNT

Haldolium - QNT
LabelPlusquam Records
Typealbum, CD

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Haldolium - QNT


01 Haldolium - Way Down
02 Haldolium - Butschibah
03 Haldolium - Lovesong
04 Haldolium - Flatline
05 Haldolium - O Ocker
06 Haldolium - Groovex
07 Haldolium - Game Of Death
08 Haldolium - It Took Me Red
09 Haldolium - Don't Say You Know

Formed back in 1993 by Mario Reinsch and Mark Lorenzen Haldolium became soon one of the most creative and famous Progressive Trance acts world wide.

Their international success started out with the album 'H2', released in the year 2000 and 'One of these Days', released in 2001.

Against all rumors that the project Haldolium is over, Mark and Mario are still producing music. In the past year, since the release of their last album on Plusquam, they are touring and playing live intensively. Australia, Brazil, Denmark and Switzerland were only a few of their stations.

Now, one more time, they present an ground breaking new album. Their 5th longplayer QNT is melting their traditionally dark trance sound with powerful electro house.

9 tracks, 74 min., dance tracks only

Haldolium - QNT: Front