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Hallucinogen - Deranger

Hallucinogen - Deranger
LabelTwisted Records
Typesingle, CD

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Hallucinogen - Deranger


01 Hallucinogen - Deranger
02 Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins
03 Hallucinogen - Synthesizzler

Hallucinogen - Deranger

'I'm going to lead you, kicking and screaming, giggling and laughing, into the future. I'm going to relax you, I'm going to get you!'

'A spiritually cleansing derangment of the senses.'

'The happy choas out of witch enlightment might come.'

'Oh no that was real, lets get out of here.'

Hallucinogen - Deranger: Front
Hallucinogen - Deranger: Back
Hallucinogen - Deranger: Inside
Hallucinogen - Deranger: CD