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Hallucinogen - Twisted

LabelTwisted Records
Typealbum, vinyl

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Hallucinogen - Twisted


01 Hallucinogen - LSD
02 Hallucinogen - Orphic Thrench
03 Hallucinogen - Shamanix
04 Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge
05 Hallucinogen - Snarling Black Mabel
06 Hallucinogen - Solstice
07 Hallucinogen - Alpha Centauri
08 Hallucinogen - Dark Magus

Hallucinogen - LSD

'I believe with the advent of acid. We discovered new ways to think and it has to do with piecing together new thoughts of mind. Why is it that people are so afraid of it? What is it about it that scares people so deeply? Because they are afraid that there is more to reality than they have ever confronted. That there are doors that they are afraid to go in and they don't want us to go in there either because if we go in, there we might learn something that they don't know. And that makes us a little out of their control.'

From 'The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD' (BBC documentary, 1987)

Hallucinogen - Shamanix

'The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year. I'm on fucking fire.'

Taken from movie 'Altered States'

Altered States

Hallucinogen - Solstice

'... but this is a kind of substitute for religion ...'