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Headphonics - Evolution Of Funk

Headphonics - Evolution Of Funk
LabelExogenic Breaks Records
Typealbum, CD

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Headphonics - Evolution of Funk


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Prepare yourself for new, fresh and crispy breakbeat sounds from Finland as Headphonics release their debut album Evolution Of Funk Opus 1&2 on 12th of March on Exogenic Breaks Records. The double album will introduce some key elements of funk music in a new and updated form.

Evolution Of Funk can be described as a breakbeat arrangement but with leaking genre boundaries. The first CD from the double album dives deep into breaks and such and the second part introduces more organic side of the project Headphonics. The guiding line of the double CD is funk as a root of modern dance music such as house, disco, techno and drum Ln bass. Evolution Of Funk will get you lazy in a lounge and dancing like maniac on the dance floor, which way you prefer!

Headphonics is a project by producers Markku Louhio and Tommi Sirkiä in their search for the perfect mix of electronic and conventional music, taking inspiration from old movie soundtracks, classic 70Ls funk, comics, house, breaks, drum Ln bass and hip hop. It features also noted Finnish artists like DJ Mel-3, an established funk and hip hop DJ in Finland who does some co-producing in the band; Vesa Pasanen, a musical virtuose with the guitar; Moroccan-born MC Hosni, who has worked with such famous Finnish groups as Giant Robot, Cool Sheiks, Fat Beat Sound System and Brothomstates. Headphonics also co-operates with the highly respected brass section Baabelin Torvet, which has performed with many of the biggest artists in Finland. Actress and singer Katja SirkiäLs vocal performance adds a female touch to Headphonics, and DJ Voidhead throws some drum and bass mentality in the mix.

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