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Helios - Aires Rising

Helios - Aires Rising
Typealbum, CD

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Helios - Aires Rising


01 Helios - Feel The Love Feat. Cosmosis
02 Helios - One With Nature Feat. The Loomi
03 Helios - Mentalasys
04 Helios - Atomic Sun Feat. Pure Pressure (Aka Yohei)
05 Helios - Auradawn Feat. Deeper In Zen
06 Helios - Burrito Envy Feat. Chromatone & Random
07 Helios - High Use World
08 Helios - Incanterpolation Feat. Morphonix
09 Helios - Dreamtime

Raphael aka HELIOS presents AIRES RISING. A finely polished journey into a psychedelic wonderland of neo-logical fun filled goodness. From beginning to end your body mind and soul will be uplifted through powerful bass line melodies and tribal percussion patterns woven with oodles of melodic hooks that will echo in your sub-conscious while connecting you to the galactic funk mothership. HELIOS style is diverse and unexpected so feel confident that you have been delivered a 100% original breed of psy-trance artist. Inspired by the root of modern dance music, his goa and acid techno foundation have evolved through embracing elements of breaks, progressive and cosmic ambient to focus on the journey throughout each track and across the whole album. This is reflected in tracks like Mentalasys and Dreamtime where one feels happily lost on a twisted path of unpredictable turns and rewarded with musical punchlines that leave you always wanting to return again and again to taste the forbidden fruit of happiness.

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