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Highko - Noise Brothers On Poison

Highko - Noise Brothers On Poison
LabelNoise Poison
Typealbum, CD

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HIGHKO - Noise Brothers On Poison


01 Kindzadza - Fight Or Die (Highko Remix)
02 Highko - Travel In Reverse
03 Highko - Crossing The Dateline
04 Highko vs Metallaxis - Motzetz Kus
05 Highko - Escalation
06 Highko - Calm Down
07 Highko - Level 25
08 Highcosmos - BBQ With Mackies
09 Highko vs Kindzadza - 2 Headed Man
10 Highko vs Alien Mental - Not A Puppet

After the successful launch of his Noise Poison label, Highko strikes back with his own creation of experimental highly psychedelic soundscapes. "Noise Brothers on Poison" is the defined statement of noise poison styled soundexperiments. He delighted the community with the first compilation "Lyserg Lesson 1" and for sure his own album will be a worthy successor as well to the Highcosmos project he did with Cosmo, which just dropped in the shops. This album contains ten previously unreleased and secret tracks of Highko, as well corporations he did with friends during his travellings around the globe. He was on tour the last months to get new inspirations for this blaster.

Highko found again a marvelous mixture of his uncompromising unique style, testing humans synapses and the limits of mind, as well provides a huge development in production. Far from any commercial or "darkpsy" chasms he forces the listener to alter consciousness in a straight and always friendly way. Ingredients are Lawrence Chromatone from San Francisco who has his hands on the mastering as well, Metallaxis from Greece, Kindzadza from Russia and Alien Mental usually from India but also living in the US.

In between last FullMoon Festival in Germany, most artists stayed at the Noise Poison camp, creates a corker with Highko and Cosmo together, which should pass the psychedelic Noise Poison messege the best. Enjoy !!!!

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