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Hishiryo - Love And Hate Part 1: No Rules

Hishiryo - Love And Hate Part 1: No Rules
LabelWild Seven Recordz
Typealbum, CD

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Hishiryo - Love & Hate, Pt. 1: No Rules


01 Hishiryo - U Dont Think? (Intro)
02 Hishiryo - The Alchemists
03 Hishiryo vs Noise Gust - Nakataki
04 Hishiryo - Hana Wa Ne Ni Kaeru (Funkypunky Live Version)
05 A.D. vs Hishiryo - Akuma
06 Hishiryo - Psykedelik Pathology (Love And Hate Remix)
07 Aragami - Blood Sin Death....
08 Aragami - Miyajidake Experience (Meditative Version)
09 Hishiryo - Alive With An Eclipse In The Heart
10 Hishiryo - Feelings (Vibetime)
11 Rawar vs Hishiryo - Desmadre Total

Love and hate are the two greatest feelings that rules human, we love and we hate,our acts and consequences are from thoses feelings, making an alchemy of energies inside the heart of everyone, sometimes giving light and joy and on another side total eclipse and shadows! Those feelings represent too a fight inside every soul, a fight to live or survive, a fight to give the best all the time, a fight for love, a fight for ideas!

During a long period of travel Hishiryo was working hard on his new production in collaboration with diverses artists worldwide, bringing us fresh and innovative ideas with his own and unique style.

Hishiryo - Love And Hate Part 1: No Rules: Front