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Hol Baumann - Human

Hol Baumann - Human
LabelUltimae Records
Typealbum, CD

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Hol Baumann - [ Human ]


01 Hol Baumann - Hours
02 Hol Baumann - Breathe
03 Hol Baumann - Radio Bombay
04 Hol Baumann - Benares (Varanaci Edit)
05 Hol Baumann - Endless Park
06 Hol Baumann - Human
07 Hol Baumann - One Step Behind
08 Hol Baumann - We Are Analog
09 Hol Baumann - A Forgotten Ritual

Stakhanovist of nocturnal music composition and sound designer for the last twelve years Hol Baumann is releasing his first 'Physical' and highly expected album 'Human'.

In the same vein as artists like Tipper or Trentemoeller, HOL Baumann pictures his sonic universe, melancholic and sharp, woody and urban, a stunning album conceived as an electronic ballad lulled by breakbeat influences. An artist with an innate sense of composition and haunting themes, glitchy acoustic play, mixing fragility and strength. Unique.

Rich of multiple experiences in sound design HOL Baumann also released several tracks on labels like Spirit Zone, Peak Records and Ultimae.

His most memorable works like 'Asian Girl' released on Outcaste Records and his collaboration with famous Brazilian singer Monica Nogueira on the remix of classic Brazilian anthem 'Agua de Marco' from Tom Jobin, released on Claude Monnet's label Ssoh Music, propelled him to the limelight of the electronic music scene.

Hol Baumann - Human: Front