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Hoopy Frood - Indigo

Hoopy Frood - Indigo
LabelMegadodo Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Hoopy Frood - Indigo


01 Hoopy Frood - I Was Looking Into The Sky
02 Hoopy Frood - Indigo Child
03 Hoopy Frood - Summershine
04 Hoopy Frood - Suspended In The Brightness
05 Hoopy Frood - It Lasts Forever
06 Hoopy Frood - Samsara
07 Hoopy Frood - Chasing Inspiration
08 Hoopy Frood - Journey
09 Hoopy Frood - The Hundredth Monkey

"Indigo", by the UK based band Hoopy Frood, is a nine-track collection which borrows from, questions, the formulae of a cornucopia of forbearing musical genres and styles. Here, the worlds of psychedelic folk rock, world beat percussion, reggae, dub, jazz and so many others come together to exist in sonic harmony, with each track being a baby of all of these lineages yet bearing its own chromosomes not yet heard in any other project. There's something for every age and background here, from Floyd-esque guitar, digital mastery, heartfelt, well thought out lyrics which seamlessly blend Western and Eastern styles, and eclectic percussion woven together but true virtuosos of the drum and the turntable. All in all, this album is saturated with an organic, live-in-your-living-space feel to the sounds. Produced by the UK composer legend Ott, known globally for his superb talent and ear for high sonic quality, every moment of this album is a moment well spent. "Indigo" tells a story throughout each note in such a way that separates it from more mediocre music, and will doubtless be one that is talked about and enjoyed for quite some time to come.

Hoopy Frood - Indigo: Front