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Human Blue - A Decade of Dance - Best of vol 2

Human Blue - A Decade of Dance - Best of vol 2
LabelTransient Records
Typealbum, CD

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Human Blue - A Decade of Dance - Part 2


01 Human Blue - Essence
02 Human Blue - Dream Creator
03 Human Blue - Memorexis
04 Human Blue - Rollercoaster
05 Human Blue - Soulsqueezer
06 Human Blue - Sandal Wood
07 Human Blue - Protonica
08 Human Blue - Street Pilot

This is the second instalment of the Decade of Dance series from Human Blue, keeping in the same vain as the previous, this captures the spirit of the progressive scene of the past 10 years, a ground breaking artist of huge magnitude we have tried to offer a spectrum of styles within the progressive genre. This cd will not disappoint the long time Human Blue fans as well as pleasuring the newly discovered admirers.

Human Blue has been releasing powerful morning trance for the past 10 years and to celebrate this Transient is proud to announce the release of the first part of the best of series' - A Decade of Dance. No other artist has continuously pumped out so many killer dance floor hits. Over 80 tracks released spanning a decade with 6 full-length studio albums and 30-40 singles and V/A compilation tracks.. Without a doubt these tracks a heavily laden in emotive washed riffs, subtle textures of aural pleasure, underpinned with heavy groove infused base lines and rhythms. It is with no doubt Human Blue is the number 1 morning progressive master. ENJOY

Human Blue - A Decade of Dance - Best of vol 2: Front