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Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet

Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet
LabelTransient Records
Typealbum, CD

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Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet


01 Human Blue - Lone Ranger
02 Human Blue - Imperial Mind
03 Human Blue - Dessert Desert
04 Human Blue - Dragonflingz
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07 Human Blue - Pacific Run
08 Human Blue - Gravity Affair

Base Basket Buffet the 6th Human Blue album. After 10 years of production Dag Wallin AKA Human Blue is now one of the members of the Progressive Trance elite.

Base Basket Buffet incorporates all of what is good in the Progressive scene today. Grooving rhythms accompanying melodic stabs, psychedelic murmurs followed by howling space effects, building, building and progressing through atmospheres of aural pleasure. Human Blue is Transient biggest selling artist and this new edition cements his hold on this title with an iron grip. Tracks from this album have been licensed to the next Ministry of Sound compilation; the world is now waking up to the sound we have known for years is world class'.