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Human Traffic - Audiotune

Human Traffic - Audiotune
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Human Traffic - Human Entry
02 Human Traffic - Audiotune
03 Human Traffic - Heart In Soul
04 Human Traffic - Get Your Feedback
05 Human Traffic - Virus
06 Human Traffic - Gameless
07 Human Traffic - Sniff
08 Human Traffic - Lost in Mind
09 Human Traffic - What A Fact

Human Traffic is a new project of Stephan Woetanowski and Thomas Johanshon.

Both guys are well known in the world wide scene from their other established and successful progressive projects. Stephan(Dj Golkonda) is involved in Symphonix and Thomas aka DJ Mapusa Mapusa is part of Auricular.

Human Traffics style is pumping progressive with housy elements and a touch of electro vibes - always deep, never getting cheesy and for sure of a top-level production.

It merges styles to something exciting, something you will listen to again and again, savouring intelligent variations and interplays of progressive trance.

Human Traffic - Audiotune: Front