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Hydrogen - Crazy Fantasy

Hydrogen - Crazy Fantasy
Typealbum, CD

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Hydrogen - Crazy Fantasy


01 Hydrogen - We know
02 Hydrogen - Electro magnetic field
03 Hydrogen - Could it be
04 Hydrogen - Never out of control
05 Hydrogen - Hydro bob
06 Hydrogen - Iron side
07 Hydrogen - Upcoming danger
08 Hydrogen - Magic touch
09 Hydrogen - New tunes
10 Hydrogen - Follow you (Club Version)

Hydrogen - We Know

- "So." @ ?
- "We know." @ ?
- "... as they travel through more dense materials ... then the anomalies in these waves ... are the means by which we can surmise the fundamental architecture of our planet." @ 3:42

From the movie 'The Core'

The Core

Hydrogen - Electro Magnetic Field

"It's where we get our magnetic North Pole and South Pole ... it protects us from cosmic radiation." @ 3:28

- "So this EM field is our friend." @ 1:51

"Wrapped around the Earth is an invisble field of energy ... electricity and magnetism ... so it's called the electromagnetic field." @ 4:16

From the movie 'The Core'

The Core

Hydrogen - Could It Be

'What's making that noise?'
'It's the trees ... folk used to say there was something in the water that made the trees grow tall and come alive.'
'Trees that could whisper ... talk to each other ... even move.'" @ 1:42

From the movie 'Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers'

Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers

Hydrogen - Never Out Of Control

"Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi were the primary targets. The others were killed just to complete his fantasy. I know that might be hard to accept, given what you saw." @ 0:31

"This wasn't some killing frenzy. He was never out of control." @ 0:51

From the movie 'Manhunter'


Hydrogen - Upcoming Danger

"Please forgive me, but I desperately need your guidance. I apologise for breaking the chain and awakening you ahead of schedule but I fear we may all be in grave danger. Especially you, my Lord, if left ..." @ 2:48 (Kate Beckinsale)

From the movie 'Underworld'