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Hydrogen - Starting Point

Hydrogen - Starting Point
LabelMoonsun Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Hydrogen - Duduki Dance (Dub Remix)
02 Hydrogen - Made To Measure
03 Hydrogen - Balanced Dancing
04 Hydrogen - Acid' N' Dance
05 Hydrogen - Follow You (Remix)
06 Hydrogen - World Of Vision
07 Hydrogen - Starting Point
08 Hydrogen - Keep Rolling
09 Hydrogen - Mimona Day (Downtempo)

Hydrogen is Avishay Terdiman (26) born in the northern city Haifa,Israel.

At the age of 15 Avishay Discovered electronic dance music,he began producing music at the tender age of 16. His musical influences come from a wide variety of musical expressions,including Chill out, Drum'n bass, Techno, Progressive House, Classical, Hip hop etc... Hydrogen has already performed in many parties around the world including France, Greece, Switzerland and Israel. Avishay played together with big names as Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, Oforia, Eskimo and many more.

After releasing the debut album of Chemical Synthesis,with his Ex-partner Zeev, the duo split each perusing their Solo mayhems. Hydrogen reflects Avishay's current style achieved and molded throughout his career, it can be best described as pure morning psy full on, groovy and pumping, mixed with psychedelic melodies, aimed directly to the dance floor. Hydrogen first solo album was released on phonokol records israel. Hydrogen as released tunes on diffrent compilations on labels like Shiva space technology, Vortex, Psytropic... and now days he is working hard for the next album will be out in 2007. Each track contains his own special uplifting story enhanced with a multitude ofmagnificent elements of freedom and light, full of warmth and desire.Starting Point is a great full on the album combining melodies with pure psychedelia.

A trip of Psy-trance music touching all Psy-trance styles from full on to progressive, from Psycho to chill out! A very versatile album, which every track presents different style and musical direction.