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Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika

Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika
LabelSyncronize Records
Typealbum, CD

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Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika


01 Hyper Frequencies - Twisted Latitude
02 Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika
03 Hyper Frequencies vs Psylom - Party Cannibal
04 Hyper Frequencies vs Psylom - Adrenokrohm
05 Hyper Frequencies vs Psylom - Help Me
06 Hyper Frequencies - The Dark Side
07 Hyper Frequencies - Rhythms Of Peace Part 2
08 Hyper Frequencies - Deep Hypnosis
09 Hyper Frequencies - Organix
10 Hyper Frequencies vs Irina Mikhailova - Voices of Peace

Syncronize Records is proud and happy to present " Phantasmatika ", the epic, full-length
second album of French psychedelic wizard Hyper Frequencies.
Four years after his debut solo album "Red Crystal Moon" gave us an insight into his particular, unique and colourful multiverse, HYPER FREQUENCIES is back with his new release "PHANTASMATIKA". A deep psychedelic opus even more promising and original!

Two years of production, editing, and frequent testing on trancefloors around the world, manifested in ten tracks that perfectly represent HYPER FREQUENCIES' phantasmagorical multiverse.

Chimerical, tribal, organic and mystic, "PHANTASMATIKA" provides an immediate take-off on-board the fantasy spaceship.... Let yourself be tranceported! And while on this psychosideral trip, discover a world where frequencies, rhythms, waveforms, oscillators and LFO, cross and mix to create a positive, deep and magical emotion...

Don't miss the flight!!

Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika: Front