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Hypersonic - Access Denied

Hypersonic - Access Denied
Typealbum, CD

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Hypersonic - Access Denied


01 Hypersonic - Suicide
02 Hypersonic - Plug & Play
03 Hypersonic - Access Denied
04 Hypersonic - I Can Feel It
05 Hypersonic - Dramatic Combo
06 Hypersonic - Day Light
07 Hypersonic - Night Life
08 Hypersonic - Disco Mania
09 Hypersonic - Start Again

Yoni Salah is one of Phonokol's biggest trance stars of the past years and we proudly present his new amazing album 'Access Denied'.

After he released the 'Freedom' album, Yoni has conquered all the big festivals in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and around the world.

'Access Denied' is a follow-up to the first album 'Freedom' with a twist and new directions in sound, vocal, power and inspiration!

9 killing tracks including hits such as 'Access Denied' - A twin brother of 'Zuma' and many more.