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Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection

Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection
LabelAP Records
Typealbum, CD

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Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection


01 Hypnoxock - Coming
02 Hypnoxock - This Is A Chapapote
03 Hypnoxock - Futurexock
04 Hypnoxock - Rastaman
05 Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection
06 Hypnoxock - Free Fall
07 Hypnoxock - Vibrations
08 Hypnoxock - Nova Materia
09 Hypnoxock - Desperta Ferros
10 Hypnoxock - Magical Life

Hypnoxock are here to resurrect the essence of Psychedelic Goa Trance.

It's here again just as it was when they first met it nine years ago, as already experienced electronic musicians.

The essence is the same, but it is transported into 2009, with a new outfit, updated and evolved. The veteran Spanish duo, Victor Solsona and Pedro Quijada, bring back to life, in their much awaited debut album Synthetic Resurrection, the things that got them so hooked up on this music. Years of work accumulated into this album and Hypnoxock offer here high charged energetic dance floor stormers with captivating melodies and intense shattering build ups and breaks.

Very Trance, very Goa, very Psy, strongly textured, always hypnotic with well-built uplifting energies and the extra added twist. Hands in the air, minds far away, smiling faces, dust all around you Hypnoxock!

Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection: Front