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I Awake - The Core

I Awake - The Core
LabelUltimae Records
Typealbum, CD

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I Awake - THE CORE


01 I Awake - Complete Garden (Eternal Forest Edit)
02 I Awake - Constellation Of The Heart (Native Ebit)
03 I Awake - Neveritized
04 I Awake - New Time Nomads (Bass Edit)
05 I Awake - Reclaim
06 I Awake - Leaving the known
07 I Awake - Unleashed
08 I Awake - Rebreath
09 I Awake - Journey
10 I Awake - Inferno (Feat. Krister Linder)
11 I Awake - Reflecting Impulses
12 I Awake - One

Thomas Huttenlocher aka I Awake, Stockholm based sounddesigner, comes with a full length album (The Core) out beginning of May. Built as a journey of audio neural beauty through organic microcosms, electronic vortexes, deep, tribal beats and vast soundscapes...A superfine blend of psychedelic spurs, groovy bass lines and catchy melodies composed with the collaboration of Krister Linder, Fredrik Lundberg, Tara Devi and Planet Boelex.

I Awake - The Core: Front