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I-Drop - Hot Ride

I-Drop - Hot Ride
LabelSkykey Records
Typealbum, CD

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I-Drop - Hot Ride


01 I-Drop - Intro
02 I-Drop - Hot Ride
03 I-Drop - Psy-Fiction
04 I-Drop - Jaywalking
05 I-Drop - Dark Water
06 I-Drop - The New Breed
07 I-Drop vs U-Recken - Sky Flowers
08 I-Drop - S.O.S Pussy
09 I-Drop - Drag And Drop
10 I-Drop - Slow Attack

Skykey records are proud to present debut album of I-Drop.

I-Drop is Dima Gafner (23), originally from Ukraine, residing in Israel since the age of 5.

I-Drop started his musical journey at the age of 13 when he bought his first guitar. 5 years ago he purchased a computer and begun producing electronic based music.

Hot Ride sums up I-Drops long years of production in the studio and is a true reflection to his underground sounding full-on sound.

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