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Ibojima - Morning Glory

Ibojima - Morning Glory
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Ibojima - Morning Glory


01 Ibojima - Alcaloids From Here
02 Ibojima - Morning Glory
03 Ibojima feat. Txiki Shaman - Berzerk
04 Ibojima - Organic Visions
05 Ibojima - Computerized
06 Ibojima - Nature Elements
07 Ibojima - Voices From Above
08 Ibojima - Ocean Waves
09 Ibojima - Caps Of Ambience

Ibojima is a brand new Trance Duo from Sweden. Mathias (Dj Molly Kulator) Andersson and Magnus Holte were recognized by the Israelian artist Safi Connection, who went to Sweden to record the first track with Ibojima called 'Awakening Of Dawn' (Spliff Music). The second release was Apollo Project which became a blasting dance-floor hit, originally released on the compilation 'Mythos Productions' The last release was 'Higher Energy' on the compilation Roppongi Dreams. 3 tracks that made Ibojima to a big name worldwide.

This fantastic album contains 9 unreleased tracks from the Swedish Newcomers, adding some crunchy twist to their full on sound. Ibojima is already fully booked for worldwide live performance so watch out for these guys during the year 2006

Ibojima - Morning Glory: Front