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Imix - MindWaves

Imix - MindWaves
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Imix - Mindwaves


01 Imix vs Biotouch - Mandalas
02 Imix - Action (Livemix)
03 Imix - Mindwaves (Batusim Remix)
04 Imix - Amadeus 311 (Livemix)
05 Imix - Be High (2008 Oldschool Remix)
06 Imix - Reclaim Your Mind (Batusim Remix)
07 Imix - The Peaceful Warrior
08 Imix - Skillshaper (Patchinger Boing Remix)
09 Imix - Watch Your Hands
10 Virtual Light - Nuclear Sun (Imix Remix)
11 Imix - Funky Hoover

Totally Phat new production makes this 2nd full length artist album one of the hottest full on releases of 2008! This 2nd round for Imix brings a refined and mature edge to all his tracks and delivers what dancers and djs alike are calling the freshest sound to ever come out of Austria, one of the worlds central meeting points in the global trance scene. Imix starts the CD off with a collaboration featuring world reknown producers and friends, Bio Touch (Phonokol Rec). Also included is Imix latest Rmx of the world famous track by Virtual Light - Nuclear Sun. All in all the CD covers lots of ground and introduces a ton of great new material to the planets hungry dancefloors. Get ready to take a whirl wind ride to the top with this completely fresh brilliant new offering from DJ ANZA aka IMIX.

Imix - MindWaves: Front