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Indidginus - Feast Or Famine

Indidginus - Feast Or Famine
LabelMicro Dot Records
Typealbum, CD


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Following hot on the heels of Indidginus' downtempo album "Align", Microdot Music are pleased to present the 2nd Indidginus album "Feast or Famine".

Indidginus is the solo project of talented Cape Town artist Michael Martin. Michael has been active in the psytrance scene for many years, & is now an artist for the largest & longest running party organization in South Africa - Vortex. He makes use of slide didgeridoo in his unique and eminently danceable live performances.

Focussed on the funkier, groovier, slower side of psychedelic trance, "Feast or Famine" takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey through time and space, which will make your booty move & keep you coming back for more! The album exhibits a diverse array of influences & includes a masterful collaboration with Colin Angus (Ex-Shamen, Pablo Sandoz). Sure to be a winner on dancefloors the world over..