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Indra - Killer Machine

Indra - Killer Machine
LabelSpliff Music
Typealbum, CD

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Indra - Killer Machine


01 Indra - Man On The Moon
02 Indra - Come To India
03 Indra - Dance Floor
04 Indra - Drop Poisoned
05 Indra - Killer Machine
06 Indra - Fritai To
07 Indra - Svetech
08 Indra - Message From God
09 Indra - Shipment Servings
10 Indra - I Make The Music Man

Spliff Music is proud to present the long awaited full length debut solo album Killer Machine by Indra. This album is a dance blasting hit for the summer , with energetic tunes that will make your heart pump & your hands sweat. "Wicked" and "Saiko" have been the most common words used to describe this album by most of it's listeners.

Indra - Killer Machine: Front
Indra - Killer Machine: Front 2