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Ion - Sugar Free

Ion - Sugar Free
LabelHarmonia Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ion - Sugar Free


01 Ion - Genetic
02 Ion - Happy New Bear
03 Ion - Deep Inside
04 Ion - Connect
05 Ion - Color Space
06 Ion - Latino Lover
07 Ion - Lost
08 Ion - Quarx
09 Ion - Butterfly

Harmonia Records is proud to present the anticipated second album from Greek producer John Geragelos aka ION.

Having received a lot of positive feedback from his debut album 'Ionized', he has grown from the experience and now gives us 9 beautiful tracks, each one reflecting a new light upon a timeless sound.

This new album manages to blend and balance shining melodies with powerful, slick rhythms, suiting both indoor and outdoor experiences. 'Sugar Free' is a delicious desert for the soul, that won't leave you feelin' heavy but buoyant and hungry for more!