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Isentropic - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes

Isentropic - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes
LabelNamaha Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Isentropic - 132 To 400 Catch Me
02 Isentropic - Brain Leads
03 Isentropic - Don't Look In the Sky Your Place Is Down
04 Isentropic - Netz Bigoz Dikoz
05 Isentropic - Wake Up Jigar (Gorump Peyya Remix)
06 Isentropic - What Are They? (Gorump Peyya Remix)
07 Isentropic - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes (For Deyna)
08 Isentropic - Last Giga Hertz From Hell
09 Isentropic - Im Thinking...?

Isentropic is the monster brainchild of Gorump Peyya from Macedonia and Silent Horror from India. The combined forces of Jigar and Meto will take you by storm! Namaha Records are proud to present this debut album by 2 of the most promising, and already well known, underground psychedelic trance producers.ISENTROPIC's sound is a unique combination of madness from Meto and Jigar. Come journey through dark auditary landscapes, with twisting leads that will take you deeper into the universe that lies beyond your mind and hard kicking basslines to carry you through this journey. Isentropic will take you into new dimensions of sound and music with deep, dark mental vibrations with the combined talent of two psychedelic wizards...