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Itaitaiko - A Little Different

Itaitaiko - A Little Different
LabelQuantic Chill Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Itaitaiko - Welcome To The Samba Beat
02 Itaitaiko - A Little Different
03 Itaitaiko - Chase The Justice
04 Itaitaiko - Click Clack
05 Itaitaiko - Electro Wave
06 Itaitaiko - Mushroom Room
07 Itaitaiko - Sing That Song
08 Itaitaiko - What Is Going On
09 Itaitaiko - Hoowa!!!

Quantic Chill Records presents the new Itaitaiko album, ''A Little Different''.

After successful releases such as 'the only choice', 'how low saruman' etc, Itay releases his new album that consists of 9 previously unreleased tracks. The music here is something different, as the title of the album says! The listener will get into a psy tunnel, starting with tribal rhythm, continues to a different electronic sound that is inspired from progressive sound.

Original quality sound, different style and unique rhythms will give you the style you wished to hear. ItaiTaiko has already performed on many parties and festivals around the globe for 10 years! His style is unique and gives us something a little different these days in the scene.

Itaitaiko is the project of Itay Berger (aka Kukan Dub Lagan). Itay is 31 years old and comes from Jerusalem/Israel. He started listening to trance music since he was 16 years old. Besides going to parties he sometimes also worked at parties as a sound engineer. His decision to make music was strongly influenced by his trip to Ibiza in 1997-8 and visited Juan's (Muses Rapt) studio. Since then he also started to dj in Israel and abroad at mostly underground parties along big names such Space Cat, Sunshay (Compact), Yaniv (Cosmophlis), The Delta, Future Prophecy, Yoda-P.Cok, Banzi (GMS) and others...

During his travels also he djed in Cusco, Peru as well as in New York along with Total Eclipse. His journey into chill-out djing started in 2002 in Israel. Meanwhile he was signed by a UK techno-house label ( as DJ Itay for a year and flow to Japan to play at parties in Osaka and Kyoto. Returning back to Israel he enrolled to sound engineering college for one year and totally committed himself to music composition. Drawing from his djing experience, his early family musical influences as well as his own musical background he created two projects.

His techno-trance project is Itaitaiko while his chill-out project called Kukan-DUB-Lagan he released tracks as Itaitaiko on labels as Groove Zone rec. (Japan), Dance N Dust (Israel) and more near names as Ticon, Son Kite, Freq, Sensient and more...

Quantic Chill was born in 2006, February with the goal of spread artists with alternative music and as label of support to Goagadar Magazine. That spreading is done by several ways, between which we enhance the release of artists and their respective albums, organization of events and we are implementing the organization of bookings for artists, to events on the entire world.

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