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Ital - The World Of Spirit Plants

Ital - The World Of Spirit Plants
LabelFree Spirit Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ital - The World Of Spirit Plants


01 Ital - Jungle Law
02 Ital - Indian Force
03 Ital - Essence
04 Ital - Back Home
05 Ital - New Idea
06 Ital - Organica
07 Ital - Strong Rain
08 Ital - Hyper Freq
09 Ital - The World Of Spirit Plants
10 Ital - Next Level

We all live in a world that is defined by hype, mass-production and over-consumption. This is true in everything that the mainstream forces us to see, and to hear. Every so often, an individual or an organisation steps forward and rises to make us challenge the perceptions we have of the world around us.

The World of Spirit Plants brings together the world of ITAL's experience as a DJ, musician and an artist. The music possesses its own character and an inimitable style honed from years of experience and ITAL's pioneering and experimental attitude towards the production and advancement of psy-trance and electronic music.

Each ITAL production nourishes the fundamental concept of the expansion of all purity surrounding us. Through music a surrounding divine and universal energy is channelled and projected like sound waves towards our encompassing universe. Gripping bass lines, twisted grooves, lush atmospherics and a kaleidoscope of psychedelic textures in each ITAL track which stimulate and grapple with the listener's sensations.

In 2004 Daniel launched his own project ITAL', which in African patois dialect symbolises purity', and acts as the moniker under which he promotes himself and his music in the music scenes of America and Europe.

Signed by Free-Spirit Records in 2007, Daniel Carcur Arrendondo, a musician of Chilean origin, playing his trade in the world of psy-trance as a DJ, producer and, label manager of Antu Records, Chile, is one such individual.

ITAL is no stranger at some of the world's best-known psy-trance events - recognised from the most noted events in his homeland, and a regular at the truly international festivals such as Brazil's Universo Paralello and Earthdance.

An acclaimed debut artist album, Spiritual Vibes, and a compilation, Elementos Sagrados, on Chile-based label Antu Records has provided the psy-trance world with a first-taste of this artist's ability and potential.

This June The World of Spirit Plants will be ITAL's second artist album release on Free-Spirit Records, one of the UK's youngest but most prolific and respected psy-trance labels under the directorship of the passionate and ever-enthusiastic Jay OM.

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