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Ix Lam At - Kin Ethics

Ix Lam At - Kin Ethics
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Ix-Lam-At - Kin Ethics


01 Ix Lam At - Pizza trick
02 Ix Lam At - Beat botanical
03 Ix Lam At - Crash window
04 Ix Lam At - Plant attack
05 Yotopia - Consciousness (Ix Lam At Remix)
06 Ix Lam At - Arrival
07 Ix Lam At - Release
08 Ix Lam At - Savilax
09 Ix Lam At - Cachai

Here comes the next highlight of Iono Music releases.

IX-LAM-AT is the fresh progressive trance project of Mexican duo Luisa Sanchez aka Cosmowich and Israel Gutierrez Vara aka Nizzel, who is also one part of legendary Ski Fi.

Inspired by many journeys to their Mexican roots, IX-LAM-AT music style is much influenced by their experience of origin Mexican nature and culture.

They combine tribal groove elements and straight baselines with warm and sensual melodies, embedded in tidy, inciting arrangements.

All these attributes make their debut album a high quality production, proving also their patience for detailed and ambitious sound patterns. It will set a remarkable sign to the international trance dance community for sure.

Ix Lam At - Kin Ethics: Front