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Jabba - National Tunes

Jabba - National Tunes
LabelSoulTribe Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Jabba - Nova
02 Jabba - The Oyster
03 Jabba - Cicles
04 Jabba - Enjoy The Night
05 Jabba - National Tunes
06 Jabba - E.D.W.
07 Jabba - Indigo
08 Jabba - Villaviciosa
09 Jabba - Once

Jabba from mexico presents his first album on Soultribe Records.

This album transports us through different genres in the electronic music, giving us a complete perspective of a new fusion and introduces us to Jabba's peculiar and unique style.

Track by track this album is an exquisite mix of sounds that without a doubt is unique in his genre.

A must have piece for your music collection.

In this work, Jabba reflects another culture, other perspective and a different musical point of view. National Tunes is a fascinating album that will rock the dance floors worldwide.