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James Reipas - Personal Trainer

James Reipas - Personal Trainer
LabelFaerie Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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James Reipas - Personal Trainer


01 James Reipas - Trouble In Reipasland
02 James Reipas - Fiddle Warrior
03 James Reipas - You Know 106
04 James Reipas - Mariatorget
05 James Reipas - Aktion
06 James Reipas - K-Ride
07 James Reipas - Plan&Calculate
08 James Reipas - Kapalamaki
09 James Reipas - Eurosport
10 James Reipas - Punkkari
11 James Reipas - Torvi
12 James Reipas - Universal Trainer

Faerie Dragon are happy to present the third album
from quirky Suomi psychedelic band James Reipas.
Many people will know James Reipas from their previous albums on Demon Tea Recordings and Freakdance Records. Personal Trainer is a snapshot of the current James Reipas sound which is constantly evolving and diversifying through the bands many live gigs throughout Finland and beyond. Ranging from synth folk music to synth rock and everything in between but always with a danceable edge, Personal Trainer provides a great album experience for DJ's and home listeners alike.

James Reipas - Personal Trainer: Front