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Jesus Raves - Sick Brain

Jesus Raves - Sick Brain
LabelBlack Magik Records
Typealbum, CD

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Jesus Raves - Sick Brain


01 Jesus Raves - Sick Brain (Intro)
02 Jesus Raves - Shupa Party
03 Jesus Raves - Lobotomija
04 Jesus Raves - Degenerik Fans Club
05 Jesus Raves - Hirurgija
06 Jesus Raves - Glavudza
07 Jesus Raves - Shurenje
08 Jesus Raves - Fluo Diesel Junkie
09 Jesus Raves - Motokultivator

Hailing from Serbia, Gladovic Zdravko is the mind behind Jesus Raves. From his first days of electronic music production beginning in 2001 Gladovic has honed a very distinct and high power sound for his psychedelic dance music. A true lover of synthesizer technology, his production packs a powerful and detailed punch. With releases on Red Magik and Blue Magik compilations, Jesus Raves has become one of the most solid members of the Magik Family. His debut release, Sick Brain is a bass bin shaking, face smacking journey through the sick and twisted mind of a producer who is already becoming prolific. With a love for travel, Gladovic is gearing up to bring his live act to dance floors and festivals all around the world. Get sick with it today because Jesus, He Raves.

Jesus Raves - Sick Brain: Front