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Jocid - The Machine

Jocid - The Machine
LabelPixan Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Compilation - The Machine


01 Jocid & Surreal - Hitz Tha Gram
02 Jocid - Level
03 Jocid - The Bok
04 Jocid - Inland Jocid
05 Jocid - The Machine
06 Ectogasmics - The Machine Remix
07 Jocid - Ectoplasma Remix
08 Jocid - Propability Matrix
09 Sophya - More - Jocid Remix

I know that every times it seems that Pixan disappears, but, as always, here we come again.

This time it's the first Pixan solo album release and also the most expected, of course by me but at list I hope by some of you.

So be ready to enjoy "Jocid - The Machine"!

Never before a Pixan relese was so representative of the Pixan Idea of music. Enjoy the journey between dark and full on with this no "boundaries music" masterpiece....see you soon...I hope!

Jocid - The Machine: Front