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Jokke Ilsoe - Memories Of The Dubworld

Jokke Ilsoe - Memories Of The Dubworld
LabelNamnam Records
Typealbum, CD

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Jokke Ilsøe - Memories Of The Dubworld


01 Jokke Ilsoe - Rainrazor
02 Jokke Ilsoe - Garten
03 Jokke Ilsoe - Pink Strand
04 Jokke Ilsoe - Basslab
05 Jokke Ilsoe - Verified
06 Jokke Ilsoe - Memories Of The Dubworld
07 Jokke Ilsoe - After Hells
08 Jokke Ilsoe - Elektrax
09 Jokke Ilsoe - Greatness

Jokke Ilsøe reveals a diverse landscape; A bass player's vision of electronic music. With MEMORIES OF THE DUBWORLD, a nine-track CD, he takes us from downtempo misty dubgrooves over techy floorbeats to minimal house.

After successful releases through Iboga, Nanobeat, Vapour, Tupan Rec, Out of Orbit, Sprout, Flow, Beef Rec, Suburban Beats, Renaissance, Low Pressings, Insatiable Society, Tropical Beats, Namnam Rec etc, an always upfront artist sets an impressive milestone with his first full cd album.

Jokke Ilsøe started as an electric bassplayer in 1979, working and performing with various bands like The Overlords, URD, Dog Patrol, City Kids, etc. In 1998 he was a member of the Trigbag dj pack with Trentemøller and T.O.M von Rosen. Jokke has been djing for some 25 years and producing for over 10 years. He's produced in many projects such as Rainbow Bakery with Trentemøller, True to Nature with T.O.M von Rosen, Love Boat with Renata, Emok & Jokke, Bujok with Buda T, Messenger with Nico Defrost, Parham & Jokke Ilsøe, etc.
Through 2007, working from Copenhagen / Sao Paulo and after a massive success with his 12" release Feeling good' (Namnam) Jokke Illsøe has been performing at Europe's, Brazil's and South America's best festivals and clubs. He was featured playing bass on Trentemøllers famous remix of Röyksopp's is there anything else', and remixed Trentemøllers banger African People' on Namnam Records also featured on The Trentemøller Chronicles (Audiomatic). Jokke Ilsøe is head of the Brazilian booking / label Tropical Beats as well as the Danish label Namnam Records.

Mastering by Morten Vinten at Medley Mas-tering Studios in Copenhagen. Cover designed by Chris "Phlake" Thompson.

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