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Joti Sidhu - New Sensations

Joti Sidhu - New Sensations
LabelNeurobiotic Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Audio Chemistry - Long Long Arms (Joti Sidhu Remix)
02 Joti Sidhu - White On Ice
03 Joti Sidhu - Do This
04 Joti Sidhu vs DJ Mack - Not Crazy
05 Joti Sidhu - Versace On Acid
06 Joti Sidhu vs Inner Action - Metaphysical
07 Joti Sidhu - New Sensations Remix
08 Trance Posers - Trance Pose
09 Joti Sidhu - Live Fast, Die Young (Shanti Remix)
10 Joti Sidhu vs DJ Edoardo - Chaotic Biotic (PTX Remix)

For those of you who prefer quality to quantity in their trance music, Joti Sidhu "New sensations" is fit for you. After more than 10 years of heavy involvement in the global psychedelic trance scene, two albums and countless released tracks and collaborations with some of the biggest names and labels out there, Joti's tireless creativity yields yet another bountiful harvest of some of the plumpest, juiciest trance tunes to be heard this year. It's not for the night and not for the daytime, 10 dancefloor bombs to be unleashed any time of the party, outdoor and indoor.

Ten perfectly produced tracks, including two remixes of couple of epic anthems from him released earlier on Neurobiotic Records made by Shanti (Spun Records) and PTX, and one track from his new side project with Riktam (GMS Growling Mad Scientists) called Trance Posers, make this album a must have for all djs and trance listeners worldwide.

Joti Sidhu - New Sensations: Front