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Joujouka - Never Look Back

Joujouka - Never Look Back
Typealbum, CD

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Joujouka - Never Look Back


01 Joujouka - Never Never
02 Joujouka - Never Look Back
03 Joujouka - Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric)
04 Joujouka - No Tokyo
05 Joujouka - Bring It Back
06 Joujouka - Elektric Live Sucker
07 Joujouka - Gotta Keep It Up
08 Joujouka - Are You Elovetric (Numanoid Feat. Hypist Remix)
09 Joujouka - Boxrocker (Funky Gong Remix)
10 Joujouka - Never Never (Radio Edit) Quick time Film Clip

Joujouka rock back in style...featuring a fresh serving of some serious ranging tuff electro rock grooves from the diverse and incredible talents of Numanoid (aka Dj Tsuyoshi) & Funky Gong, who are joined by guest vocalist Rene Perez from San Francisco Elektro rock act 'Protection' on four tracks, includling the new massive single 'Never Never'

Joujouka continue to surprise and excite fans around the world not limited to the electronic scene but also in rock and various art scenes.?