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Jp - Evolution Of Minds

Jp - Evolution Of Minds
LabelMedusa Records
Typealbum, CD


01 JP vs E-Fact - Illusions Of Coincidence
02 JP vs Cosmotech - Flying Inner Space
03 JP vs Freak Factory - Unknown Perception
04 JP - Steel Power
05 JP vs Clarys - Like It Like That
06 JP - Limits Of Life
07 JP - Evolution Of Minds (Live Remix)
08 JP vs Earthling vs System Brothers - Holy Spaces
09 JP - Break Up

The long awaited album from the most demanding Brazilian artist is on its way.

JP one of the most promising member of TIP World joins Medusa Records to release a true journey into the modern and energetic sound of full-on. Warm basses, joyful melodies and strong grooves will take you to the edge of musical stimulation.

A pure Brazilian trance celebration that will wake up your senses and emotions The evolution of minds...

Jp - Evolution Of Minds: Front
Jp - Evolution Of Minds: Back
Jp - Evolution Of Minds: Back 2
Jp - Evolution Of Minds: Inside
Jp - Evolution Of Minds: Inside 2