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Jurek Przezdziecki - Sink Master EP

Jurek Przezdziecki - Sink Master EP
LabelBoshke Beats Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Jurek Przezdziecki - Sink Master (Original)
02 Jurek Przezdziecki - Miasto Masa Maszyna
03 Jurek Przezdziecki - Sink Master (Robert Babicz Data Dance Re-Work)

Knock Knock, Bang Bang! MinimalNeoTechDrama is just kicking your doors off! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Action!

Over 10 years of music production under different project names like Bigwigs, Epi Centrum and Mass Turbo! Lately you can really taste his sound on such recently released maxis as Whirlpoolsex, Bretzel, soon on Jacek Sienkiewicz's Recognition and this his first Boshke debut.

We highly suggest watching this interesting producer more closely! He manages to seamlessly lead us through his special and unique fusion between minimal techno and neo trance, dressed with his unique sonic synthesises and topped off with a world class sounding production.

On the B-Side is a contemporary re-work of the Sink Master track by Maestro Robert Babicz (aka Rob Acid) spiced with dancefloor power and Big Robert's Character. This remix is destined to be played by all of the modern contemporary DJs on the planet Earth!

Jurek Przezdziecki - Sink Master EP: Front