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K_Lapso - Stay Alive

K_Lapso - Stay Alive
LabelFungi Records
Typealbum, CD


01 K_Lapso - Ciclosporina (Remix)
02 K_Lapso - The Amityville Horror
03 K_Lapso - Sorbitol
04 K_Lapso - Haunted
05 K_Lapso - Anemia Hemolitica
06 Palex - The Asylum (K_Lapso Remix)
07 Paranoize - From Cradle To Enslave (K_Lapso Remix)
08 K_Lapso - Tortured
09 K_Lapso - Ghostline
10 K_Lapso - New Kromanion

Miguel Graca, born in 1979, Portugal, is the name behind the K_Lapso project. His style is Dark psychedelic with Powerfull grooves and bombastic basslines. This album is full with dark matter and electronic vibes. A must have cd with 10 explosive tracks!!!! He Started liking eletronic music when he was introduced to techno,around his 20's, then he started djing at several clubs with various nacional and international techno djs like A.PAUL, SLOT, LINK, JIGGY, JESUS DEL CAMPO, etc Time passed and techno started to loose popularity in portugal, till one day a friend,psy dj,invited him to a psychedelic party near them... one thing lead to another he liked so much the style that in the next week he was already playing it in a club! As time goes by he started to evolve his trance style inspired by known artists like IRON MADNESS, PARANOIZE or SILENT HORROR. till he started his first steps on production... making several unreleased tracks and working in paralel projects like CEREBRAL NOIZE,with OVERDOSED and HYLDHEGAN, with PALEX. This Portuguese will get you freaking with his evil style of hard psychedelic !!!

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