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Ka-Sol - Fairytale

Ka-Sol - Fairytale
LabelSuntrip Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ka-Sol - Fairytale


01 Ka-Sol - Technomorgon
02 Ka-Sol - Blogz
03 Ka-Sol - Schlumpen
04 Ka-Sol - Skreno
05 Ka-Sol - Back Basic (Goa Mix)
06 Ka-Sol - Matrix Remix
07 Ka-Sol - No Return
08 Ka-Sol - Sticky Web
09 Ka-Sol - White Magic
10 Ka-Sol - The Light

Ka-Sol has a very strong underground reputation and his track Scraqp on the Apsara compilation got very good feedback!

So expect 10 extremely psychedelic trance tracks, straight out of the Swedish forests, with loads of screaming melodies, weird sounds and a great story. This is pure brain candy with both night and morning stompers. The first 5 tracks are more night music while number 6-10 are clearly made for blissful sunsets! This album will fit on every open-air party this summer!

Ka-Sol - Fairytale: Front
Ka-Sol - Fairytale: Back
Ka-Sol - Fairytale: Back 2
Ka-Sol - Fairytale: Inside
Ka-Sol - Fairytale: Inside 2
Ka-Sol - Fairytale: CD